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Jury Selection
Jury selection is one of the most important aspects of trial. Cases can be won or lost with just one or two incorrect decisions about who to accept and who to challenge. Jury Solutions consultants help you make the right decisions when it comes to jury selection. We assist you in assessing each juror’s leadership potential and their likely pretrial biases. We bring together all of the available information to help you make quick, strategic challenge decisions.

Jury selection might have become more restrictive in some jurisdictions, but that doesn’t mean that good voir dire can’t be had. Every case and every judge is different. We’ve learned that if you never ask for good voir dire, chances are, you will never get it. We approach every case with optimism because we’ve continually experienced meaningful voir dire in jurisdictions where we’ve been told time and again, “there’s no voir dire here!”

Juror Questionnaires

Jury Solutions can assist you with the development of prospective juror questionnaires. Juror questionnaires are used routinely in courts around the country. A thoughtful, well-crafted questionnaire elicits a wealth of information from prospective jurors that is invaluable in making effective cause and peremptory challenges. Juror questionnaires expedite voir dire and can provide you with candid information from prospective jurors.

In Court Assistance

In most jurisdictions, jury selection is extremely fast-paced. Our ability to quickly hone in on jurors’ subtleties gives attorneys another perspective that helps them gain a deeper understanding of jurors' values, motivations, and decision-making processes.

Our trial consultants are all bar-admitted attorneys and are able to participate in jury selections, even when all voir dire occurs in the judge’s chambers. Being a trial consultant is no guarantee that a judge will allow such participation, but a pro hac vice motion always guarantees such critical access, allowing you to get your money’s worth from having a consultant at your side.

“Carolyn’s insights and recommendations are invaluable. In addition to being a top notch jury consultant, Carolyn is an attorney and is well versed in the legal issues a litigator must confront at trial. In one case, feedback we received from Carolyn convinced us to present two controversial pieces of evidence at trial which we initially had virtually no intention of using. We received a substantial verdict in that case - and the jurors we spoke to after the trial told us that the two pieces of evidence were among the most important items they considered during their deliberations. We give Jury Solutions our highest possible recommendation.”
Debra S. Katz, Partner, Katz, Marshall & Banks, PLLC

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