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Mock Trial Options

Single-jury: Ten to 12 participants deliberate to a verdict.
Advantages: Identification of key issues and juror reaction to case and parties.


Double-jury: Approximately 16 to 20 participants are divided into two juries and reach independent verdicts.
Advantages: Additional participants increase the reliability of results. Two discrete verdicts help reveal the depth of case strengths and/or weaknesses. Separate verdicts also illustrate how differing personalities affect overall group dynamics and decision-making.


Multi-jury: Three, four or more panels of eight jurors reach independent verdicts.
Advantages: The greater the number of participants, the more reliable the results with respect to jurors' individual reactions, as well as the discrete verdicts.


Increasing the number of participants improves the reliability of juror profiles, revealing any connections between jurors' initial attitudes and ultimate decisions. This information is extremely useful during the actual jury selection.

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