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EarlyJury Attitude Survey

We screen potential jurors from the jurisdiction of your case, present the case to them and measure their reaction to the case. While an EarlyJury attitudinal survey can be used at any point during the litigation life cycle, when conducted early in the process the survey data can often resolve a case.

EarlyJury Surveys have a quick turn-around time. Lawyers don’t have to assemble their “teams” at a research facility on a sunny Saturday. The survey results come in while you are handling other matters. See the steps below to see how the EarlyJury survey process could be put into action.


EarlyJury recruits mock jurors drawn from the trial jurisdiction for your specific case. We don't use pre-existing panels or anonymous people. Every potential juror must participate in a two-step process before being used in a project. First, a juror must completely fill out an online application. Then we directly question each potential juror by phone, interviewing them for disqualifying biases and experiences, just as would occur in a real jury selection. This ensures that you will receive reliable input from citizens who truly represent what you’d find in a real courtroom.


We work with you to develop a case summary that will give jurors an accurate view of the case facts, the law and each party’s key arguments. When appropriate, we include exhibits as well. The case summary must include sufficient detail so that jurors can form an opinion after 20-30 minutes of reading. Whereas most legal documents are written for a legal audience, we ensure that your case summary can be clearly understood by the average lay person.



After the mock jurors are screened and selected for the project, the case summary is provided to them, along with an online survey where they answer key questions about the case, render a verdict and, if appropriate, award damages.  In addition to giving you an objective sense of your case, this survey allows us to connect jurors’ opinions to demographics and pre-existing attitudes and experiences. For example, it’s quite powerful when you learn that a 23 year old single mother who thinks most lawsuits are legitimate feels just as strongly about your case as does a 70 year old, retired male business owner who feels many lawsuits are frivolous.


A unique feature of the EarlyJury process is that after we don’t just rely on the computerized questionnaire. To ensure reliability and to gather key nuances of jurors’ reactions, we conduct follow-up interviews with the jurors. This provides quality control as we can eliminate any juror that did not completely review the case. But even more importantly this allows us to further probe with open-ended questions so we get maximum insight from the jurors. These valuable insights will help you to evaluate your position and save time and money by directing a more focused settlement, discovery and trial strategy.


We review the survey data and the follow-up observations to provide you with a concise report with concrete and objective data. An EarlyJury report provides a wealth of analysis regarding the jurors’ personal opinions and reactions to each party’s case position. You will understand, in an organized and empirical way, what real lay persons think about the case. Whether you are deciding to take a case, or are looking for leverage during a mediation or settlement discussion, or preparing for depositions or trial and jury selection - this is the kind of feedback you need to make critical strategy decisions before it’s too late.

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“Carolyn Koch brings to the table keen intellect and insight, helping to foster an approach to mock jury evaluation that is realistic - there’s no sugar coating of information.”
Stewart Casper, Partner, Casper & De Toledo

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