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When the Stakes are High
At Jury Solutions, we’re in the business of using our reliable methods to uncover the truth about your case. Whether our research helps you seize victory or avert disaster, we can promise you a clear-eyed strategy that will help you make the best possible decisions for both you and your client, at every stage of the litigation process.
There is only one thing better than a victory after trial and that’s a victory before trial. EarlyJury Surveys let you put your finger on the pulse of your case right away – when settlement opportunities are greatest, before case warts become forever memorialized through discovery. For example, an EarlyJury Survey can tell you if ten lay persons think your claim is a home run, a dead end, or a mixed bag. But it’s more than just a thumbs-up or down. Jurors’ insights and rationales for their opinions define case themes and provide you with useful input about what should be sought in discovery. Most importantly, results can be used to negotiate settlements early on, in a way that is advantageous to both sides.



The most successful lawyers aren’t the best-dressed, most charismatic orators who transfix jurors with their every word. Instead, they know they don’t have all the answers. They aren’t afraid to learn the truth. They understand that lay persons see things differently. That’s why they see focus groups and mock trials as a necessary part of their preparation.

For settlement purposes, if you want to be able to convince your opponents that they are dead wrong and destined to lose, you need something to back up your claims: Nothing packs a greater wallop than the honest opinions of disinterested mock jurors. Mock juror insights, when shared properly, can transform go-nowhere negotiations into the best possible outcome, often in a single day.

But when settlement efforts fail, our focus groups and mock trials deliver the blueprint you need for jury selection and trial. Armed with both the mock jurors’ opinions and our recommendations, you will have a competitive advantage that is based on research, not speculation.


When lawyers call to discuss jury selection, they ask what kind of jurors they should be looking for; Women? Men? Educated professionals? Blue collar workers? This is a favorite pre-jury selection activity that just wastes your mental energy: First, if those assumptions aren’t tested out in a mock trial or focus group, they are nothing more than wishful thinking. Second, even when you can come up with reliable juror profiles, courtrooms are notoriously filled with less-than-ideal types. That is why fantasizing about the perfect jury takes you off track. At Jury Solutions, we don’t waste your time and money with clichés about body language or conclusions based on stereotypes. We give you legitimate strategies that do nothing more than help you see who jurors really are and what they really believe so you can make intelligent decisions with your peremptories and strike more jurors for cause.

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